The stunning Kent beach that Londoners haven’t yet discovered but is ranked among the best in Britain

The stunning Kent beach that Londoners haven’t yet discovered but is ranked among the best in Britain

Sunshine and warm weather have finally returned to Kent, signaling that summer is near. When temperatures rise, many locals head to the county’s beautiful beaches. If you’re unsure which beach to visit, The Telegraph has named St Margaret’s Bay as Kent’s greatest beach in its ranking of the UK’s 20 best beaches. This shingle beach, located below the village of St Margaret’s at Cliffe between Dover and Deal, is known for its stunning white cliffs and close proximity to France.

The Telegraph praised the journey to the beach, which involves leaving your car in the village and walking down a winding, wooded path. This walk, described as reminiscent of the French Riviera and the Costa Brava, adds to the beach’s charm. Notably, the area has attracted famous residents like playwright Sir Noël Peirce Coward and James Bond writer Ian Fleming.

St Margaret’s Bay remains a hidden gem, not as crowded as other Kent beaches in Thanet, Dover, and Deal. The lack of commercial amenities like coffee huts and boutiques keeps the area tranquil, attracting mainly local families for activities like rock pooling and fossil hunting. However, parking can be limited during peak times, so public transport or a scenic hike from Dover or Deal might be preferable.

The beach is often the starting point for cross-Channel swimmers due to its proximity to France, just 21 miles away. For those looking to extend their visit, The Telegraph recommends Brooks House, a nearby B&B known for its English breakfasts, with rooms starting at £119 per night. After a day at the beach, a visit to The Coastguard pub for an ice-cold pint and pub grub is a must.

The article highlights the allure of St Margaret’s Bay, emphasizing its natural beauty, historical significance, and the peaceful experience it offers compared to more commercialized beaches. For more information, you can visit Kent Live.